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Acantha Lang

Acantha Lang

New Orleans, Louisiana


When you think Acantha Lang…Think the rock soul of Janis Joplin crossed with the raw bluesy tone of Tina Turner.

For New Orleans’ born songstress Acantha Lang being told “you have one of the best voices I’ve ever heard” and receiving a standing ovation from one of the world’s most successful and hard to impress music moguls, Simon Cowell, was a dream come true and a testament to the many years of hard work she dedicated to honing her craft.

Acantha Lang grew up in the rich musical landscape of New Orleans. One would think that her musical journey began there, however it wasn’t until she moved to New York City that she found her voice. The first few years she was unsure about what career path she wanted to take but all that changed when she bought her first BLUES CD at a local store in Harlem and immediately felt a connection. She says, “It felt like home.“ She immersed herself in the BLUES. She studied the history, the music, and watched countless documentaries about BLUES greats Howlin´ Wolf, Little Walter, Muddy Waters, and others. She put together a blues band and landed a residency every Monday night (Monday Night Blues) at a well-known supper club Harlem Grill. ‘Monday Night Blues’ quickly became one of the ‘must see’ events in the city. Acantha’s unleashed energy on stage was an amalgamation of Tina Turner, James Brown, and Janis Joplin and the night was chronicled on BET, UPN 9, New York 1 News, Time Out New York, and the prestigious Crain’s Business Journal.

After her stint in Harlem, Acantha would find herself performing at one of the hottest clubs in the country, THE BOX in New York and London. She recently took over the highly respected position as MC of the BOX show. She is currently hosting THE BOX London (recently featured in September issue Vogue UK). The experience of being able to perform 5 nights a week in front of an audience, which includes an array of A-listers, has fine-tuned her already considerable skills.

Acantha has performed in Africa, France, Dubai, French Guiana, China, Russia, and throughout Europe. Luminaries such as Simon Cowell, Tom Cruise, Sting, Axl Rose, Jude Law, and Billionaire George Soros are just some of the A Listers that have expressed their admiration for her voice and presence.

Although blues music has had a major impact on Acantha’s sound, she credits that everything she listens to has had an affect on her musical development in some way. Pointing out Tina Turner, Led Zeppelin, Nina Simone, Jimi Hendrix, Mick Jagger as some of her biggest influences. Acantha is currently working on her first EP.

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