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Album Preview: ´Calloway Circus´ - Casa das Feras

Album Preview: ´Calloway Circus´ - Casa das Feras

Now, I could try and write a more surreal or quirky preview of Casa das Feras´new album ´Calloway Circus´ than the press release I´ve just read. However, I´m not sure that´s possible. Take a look, it´s as quirky and creative as the album itself! 


Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Calloway Circus!


Grab the last seat in the house, take a step through the looking-glass, the show´s about to start! Hang onto a mulberry leaf and glide through the nine acts of the performance.


Allow Mustard to tell you about the lightning carapaces! Our Chinese Goat will illuminate the deepest mysteries of your heart if only you are courageous enough to plunge deeper into the tumult! Once the show begins the dance will lead you by shadowy paths to where all the great Houdini´s secrets shall be revealed, and you will gladly risk all alongside these most exceptional buccaneers.


And please, beware of the Rain Dogs!


You´re about to experience a most lucid and elegant proposal. Handcrafted and wireless. Early twentieth century music emanates from the stage, but this is not the essence of the spectacle.


The singularity of this recording resides in its foundations. The truth of Calloway Circus´ songs springs from their executors´ weapons: a voice, a banjo and a guitar shall be the acrobats that dance this most perilous of tightrope acts.


So take your seat, allow yourself to be carried away by the grand illusion! This recording, like a newborn lion cub, will not bite, but be prepared for it to sink its claws into you for the next forty minutes. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Casa das Feras´ Calloway Circus!


´Colloway Circus´ is available on BandCamp.

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