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Album Review: Penniless Cove - ´Tipped Like Titanic´

Album Review: Penniless Cove -  ´Tipped Like Titanic´

Penniless Cove describe themselves as “gin soaked folk pop”, but their debut album Tipped Like Titanic is much more than that.

A mixture of heartfelt lyrics, worldly grooves, subtle inflections, compositions worthy of analysis, and top musicianship, produce a highly enjoyable and thought-provoking album. No song is just one idea. Each of Penniless Cove’s rustic and authentic tracks drive you through a library of tempo changes, rhythmic diversity and powerful singalong melodies, invigorating momentary sensations of confidence and fiery passion, especially in the track I Hope Your Coffee Burns.


Penniless Cove was formed by leading lady Phoebe Osborne, and has been on the rise since their EP release in 2012. Phoebe’s words are articulated so delicately by her husky, sophisticated voice that if taken out of the song would read more like a beautiful poem. There are moments where the obvious is stated in the most tasteful manner, still sparking a whole world of interpretation, setting out a colourful scene and taking you to exactly the moment of the song, all of which emphasised through the mirroring of the music. On top of this, the subjects of the songs are diverse and fascinating, covering topics such as a mother’s powerful words, breakups, questionable actions, and imagination.


Tipped Like Titanic really highlights what a talented songwriter Phoebe is, and how lucky she is to have such a gifted tight band to create complex arrangements of music with. The bass playing, such as in the first track Oh Mother, shows a player with a really active ear. The interesting high, melodic bass riffs that emerge in moments of vocal peace are immensely enchanting, like a whale surfacing for air. The percussion seasons the music delicately and really grounds the frequent change of groove confidently. The backing vocals are subtle, enhancing Phoebe’s voice and filling the overall sound of the band.


Overall this album is a preview of where music is moving, hugely expressive and wholly captivating. Definitely worth a listen!


Penniless Cover are releasing their debut album on the 6th July at the Courtyard Theatre (London).


Check out the single Tuesday below! 





Written by Georgia Cooke



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