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Bouche - Debut Album Launch 21st April

Bouche - Debut Album Launch 21st April

Somewhere between the blues, jazz and a pregnant silence you will find the melancholy musical masterpiece that is Bouche.

This ground breaking three-piece is driven by the charming yet delicate double bassist and singer Rebekah Bouche. Electric guitar in the capable hands of Nikos Ziarkas (a Cretan trad player and jazz hero occasionally seen with The Turbans but best known for his band Valia Calda) delicately fills out the sound and the icing on this atmospheric cake is added by the ever delicate embouchure of Joe Sharp ´The Walrus´ as he is affectionately known. Joe also plays trumpet with Mojo Hand and bass with Dan Korn.

Bouche smashed on to the scene in 2014 with an electrifying sold out debut gig at the legendary underground venue The Harrison. Their standing at the top of London´s music scene was futher confirmed when none other than Van Morrison himself chose them as his support act.

Now, after a remarkably successful crowdfunding campaign, it is time for Bouche to release their first full album ´So Long Solemn´. 9 elegantly poised original tracks coming in at a magical 1 hour, 1 minute and 1 second of pure bliss. Featuring guest strings from The John Langan Band´s virtuoso violinist Alastair Caplin.

I asked Rebekah to describe the album for me and this is what she said-

"This album is really a culmination of my self over the past fifteen or so years, and the music I´ve been making, and listening to, and inspired by. I´ve written songs for as long as I can remember but Bouche is the first time those songs have felt to be truly ´me´. I´ve found my voice - I suppose you could say. And a lot of that has to do with playing double bass. I´ve always sung, and played other instruments but the double bass taught me a new way of writing and it´s as if everything has fallen into place somehow.

The songs sound like that journey I think - there´s classical, punk, soul, jazz, blues, folk, hymns, psychedelia - it´s all in there, but it´s none of those things really. I´d hope it would go in the catch all ´Pop and Rock´ section of HMV, if such a thing exists anymore! I´m just trying to write songs that are honest to my experience of the world, which, admittedly until now has been tough, I suppose, psychologically, emotionally. So the album, as the title suggests is a kind of meditation on melancholy, but - as with meditation - for the purpose of letting it go, and moving on. I´d hope the music is cathartic, for that reason, it´s certainly been a cathartic process for me. A difficult, fraught and at times violent process of becoming. Of moving from one way of seeing, or feeling, the world to the next.

The thing I´m really excited about is the launch. I´m lucky enough to have amassed an insanely talented collective of collaborators who for some mad reason are up for being part of the show. It´s going to be a non-stop and -and-a-half-maybe-probably-more show with lighting, dancers, guest musicians - more like theatre than a gig. The music is so intense, and so, um, personal that I want people to be amongst a crowd but have a deeply personal experience. We´ve re-ordered the tunes to give it a particular narrative, to bring people down into the hole but then out again. It´ll be a spectacle, if nothing else, and it´s in one of the most magical venues in London."

The launch will be held on Thursday 21st April at the most enchanting and mysterious of all London venues, the faded but grand Dalston Boys Club. It promises to be one of the highlights of our musical year.

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 by Paul

Bouche - Debut Album Launch 21st April Bouche - Debut Album Launch 21st April Bouche - Debut Album Launch 21st April

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