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Edgelarks - Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin

Edgelarks - Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin

"Edgelarks", which is both their new band name and their fourth studio album, is the most innovative work to date from folk duo Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin.

"It seemed the perfect title for those singing from, and about, the margins" explained Hannah. "The new material is about liminality - those who find themselves on the edges; liminal spaces such as borders and thresholds; the difficulty of such a position, but also the hopeful possibilities that spring from it".

Edgelarks is about travellers and refugees; dusk and dawn. The pause between an old way and a new. The idea that, despite often being places of marginalisation, these are also places of change - and therefore places of hope. That, when social norms break down, when you are between two established worlds, there is a chance for new perspectives. That in the end, we have far more in common than things that divide us, because we are all liminal - we are all standing on the threshold of tomorrow. We are all just passing through.

The Edgelarks launch tour is planned for October and November 2017, with gigs throughout the UK, Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. For a list of all live dates see http://www.philliphenryandhannahmartin.co.uk/shows.php


"Subtle, atmospheric... Bravely original"
Robin Denselow, The Guardian ****

"Keen, curious and concerned intellects are at work here. Hannah Martin
is an enthralling singer; Phillip Henry plays all manner of guitars and the
harmonica, terrifically."
Julian May, Songlines
***** Top of the World album

"Rich and complex - there is something of June Tabor about Hannah´s vocal performance - a voice that is strong and flexible and which, coupled with Phillip´s instrumental virtuosity, suggests we´re hearing stars of the future"
Dai Jeffries, R2 ****

"This duo has a combination of virtuosity, intensity and charisma
that merits a slot on much bigger stages"
John L. Walters, The Guardian

"An imaginative and innovative album - songs that linger in the memory
held together by the fine musicianship of Henry and Martin.
Strong and original - an unusual treat"
Martin Chilton, Daily Telegraph ****



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