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Gentlemen of Few Autumn Tour

Gentlemen of Few Autumn Tour

Gentlemen of Few Autumn Tour

Having released their 9-track EP The Way and the Return at the start of 2018, Gentlemen of Few have embarked on an epic tour taking in the length and breadth of the UK, ensuring they return to the areas where they have built up a loyal following since first taking to the road eight years ago.

As one of the busiest bands on the scene, this young group have been touring the UK since originally forming in 2010. Each of the members (Reece Forward, Elliott Norris, Kit Evans, Jarrod Piner, Oscar Lloyd and Will Freed) bring their own musical background and style to their extraordinary live performance. Since the earliest days of their formation, the boys have grown together, faced struggles together and learnt together and this has allowed the 6-piece to form a bond like no other, a bond that is uniquely apparent in their live and recorded sound. 

Gentlemen of Few are quite unmistakable in their live performances, dynamically ranging from riot-esque raucousness to dreamy, a cappella choral songs. Their sound is unlike anything around today, with the band pushing themselves to continually be as high in quality and originality as possible.

The majority of the music they perform is their own original material, with the occasional cover thrown in for the entertainment of both the band and the audience. Any gig attendees can expect to witness the 6-piece’s pure enjoyment and confidence while on stage, like a group of best friends on a night out! By listening to the sound they produce, however, audiences can expect to hear a collaboration of real individuality, musicianship and songcraft way beyond their young years.

Jarrod Piner, from Gentlemen of Few, said: “There is nothing we enjoy more as a band than being on tour and performing to a live audience. We’re so lucky to have built up a loyal following across UK over our years of touring and we can’t wait to get back to venues near them to play for them again. We’re also so excited to welcome new listeners to our gigs who might like to join this musical adventure we are on.”

Gentlemen of Few originally formed way back in 2010 at their secondary school in Dover. Elliott and Reece began playing guitar and singing together and heard Jarrod playing piano in a different room, they asked if he’d be able to play some chords with them and before they knew it they were rehearsing daily. Only a few days passed before a friend of theirs Kit sat down at a drum set lying in the music room and played a little rhythm - with that he quickly became their drummer. Not long after this, the boys discovered a passion for Folk, Blues and Bluegrass/Country music which led Kit to pick up a banjo, Elliott to play guitar and percussion simultaneously, while he also started work on getting everyone to learn to sing. Within a couple of years, the boys had amassed a plethora of songs, original and covered, to play anywhere they were allowed.

The band managed to rustle up a small touring team, including the tireless dads - Paul Norris and Duncan Forward - took themselves on a tour of the country, playing festivals, pubs and street corners. After five years of non-stop gigging Gentlemen of Few had built a name for themselves in the Kent area, in Scotland and across the UK.

In 2016 their friend Oscar Lloyd offered his services as the Trumpet player, joining the band in-studio, on-stage and in writing, Oscar became a permanent fixture of ‘The Gents’, swiftly followed by drummer Will Freed.

Autumn 2018 Tour Dates:

6-Sept - East Riding Theatre, Beverley
8-Sept - Woodbridge Hootenanny, Woodbridge
20-Sept - Clapham Grand, London 
2-Oct - 229, The Venue, London 
5-Oct - Grimsby Central Hall, Grimsby 
13-Oct - Lucky 7 Club, Devon 
16-Oct - The Chichester Inn, West Sussex
19-Oct - The Sanford Pub, Dorset
24-Nov - Creative Innovation Centre,Taunton
30-Nov - Darvel Music Festival, Darvel
14-Dec - Revelation, Ashford

Future plans include ‘The Gents’ touring everywhere, all the time they can - UK dates are plentiful and plans for Europe and the USA are in development.

For more information on Gentlemen of Few please go to: www.gentlemenoffew.com

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