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Gig Review: Trellis Turns 2 at Proud Camden

Gig Review: Trellis Turns 2 at Proud Camden


Last Wednesday, 20th April, saw independent music label Trellis celebrate its second birthday with a gig at Proud in Camden.


The label has gone from strength to strength over the last two years, with artists such as Mat Hunsley, Brooke Bentham and Axel Flovent releasing music and gaining acclaim. It seems clear from these talented artists, their successes, and the support at their birthday celebration, that the label has an exciting future ahead of it.


The evening saw performances from three up and coming artists, and something of a Geordie takeover, starting off with Immy Williams. Her powerful voice quickly captured the audience, her vocals sumptuous and rich, and her lyrics delicate. The piano lines were jazzy, and melded with her voice as she performed sorrowful and uplifting music, chatting cordially in between, and clearly comfortable owning a stage.


Following on from this impressive opening to the show was Keiandra, a band whose ethereal music fitted well with the smoky venue. Possibly most interesting about Keiandra, the drum lines, which were thick and heavy were played mostly with mallets instead of the usual sticks. This added to the band’s heady feel, with the tremulous singing rising above the resonant bass, drums and the wavering guitar. Whilst there did seem to be almost too much emphasis on techniques, leaving odd gaps on occasion between switching pedals, the overall effect was impressive, something new and very spacey.


The final act of the night was Katie & I, on the night this was made up of Katie and Lewis, who despite their commute from Liverpool, finishing the night on a high. The two drifted from glorious harmonies to singing in unison, with Lewis hitting some impressively high notes, to create an intricate and beautiful sound. In particular, their recent single ‘Bones’ was elegantly endearing, the guitar line fitting perfectly with the melancholy atmosphere of the lyrics.  Their music is intimate, but with a quiet power. They are definitely worth keeping an eye on in 2016.


Trellis’ second year has certainly been a success, and we can only wait to see what else the label can get up to in the coming year with anticipation.


For more information on the label or any of its artists who performed see Trellis’s website: http://www.trellismusic.co.uk/



Written by Molly Lempriere

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