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Jamboree is back!

Jamboree is back!


Great to hear this news from the Jamboree team:

"Mark and Lorraine Slankard of the Limehouse Urban Bar have offered us a complete takeover, “lock, stock and beer-barrels”, of their 150 year-old pub at 27 Three Colt Street, starting on the 1st December, 2018, taking us through to the New Year, and ending on the 26th of January, 2019.

We are super excited to bring the community together once more as we move the ramshackle atmosphere of Jamboree through time and space! We are busy weaving the schedule as we write, a festive, magic carpet full of residencies including Wodka Wednesday with the mercurial (and often naked), sometimes with his band, Fred Snow, enchanting global roots bands Whiskey Moon Face and the Dakota Jim band, the mesmerising Cretan Players, and, of course, the dazzling and swinging Cable Street Rag Band, with regular visits from the enchanting Garance Loulou and many more.

This will be Jamboree in full-throttle - 8 weeks of life and hopefully a stepping stone to finance and realise a move into a permanent venue. A new addition to the Jamboree adventure will be Bob Hickey - occasional promoter, DJ and former GM of the Florist Arms in Bethnal Green. Bob’s extensive experience will be invaluable in this new format.

So that’s it - A new pair of doors swing open to Jamboree on December 1st. The show is, for a few helter-skelter weeks, back on the road!

We wanted you guys to know first. Sending love and gratitude for your support - past, present and (hopefully) future."

View the first week of listings here

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