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A truly exciting and original new talent in British music, Jinnwoo is a young folk musician from Brighton- The Independent listed him as one of their 10 acts to watch for 2015. His sound is sparse folk, with intense and unique vocals that the Guardian described as a “ gothic folk-croak...unspooling from his innards,“. Undoubtedly a folk artist, his reach expands beyond the confines of the genre- supports to Alt-J, Ghostpoet, Lucy Rose, Jeffrey Lewis, Willy Mason, Kyla La Grange, Frank Fairfield, Robert Ellis and Alasdair Roberts give an indication of his appeal. He was also recently invited to play at Cecil Sharpe House as a celebration of the new folk generation.

The Independent - "jinnwoo is the most singular new folk talent i´ve heard in some time" 4/5

The Guardian - "Jinnwoo´s gothic folk-croak is a confessional reel unspooling from his innards, a tale of circling doom"

Clash - "Jinnwoo is a true original"

The Line of Best Fit - "A rising talent in the folk world, Jinnwoo has been setting hearts ablaze with his off-kilter guitarisms and distinct, emotive vocals."

Folk Radio UK - "Jinnwoo’s ardent vocals convey a modern-day high-lonesomeness. [...] building up a deservedly solid reputation"

The Fly Magazine - "Leicester’s best kept secret Jinnwoo sneaks unassumingly into view, [...] unleashing a voice awash with waves of sorrow. His acoustic, dark–edged folk speaks directly to that part of us all which has sat forlornly on dirty doorsteps after the pubs close, trying desperately to put feelings into words."

Subba-Cultcha - " Jinnwoo has delivered a strikingly potent track full of emotion and a stripped back grace that feels completely alien to everything else around at the moment. It’s rustic and aged in influence, [...] a sound rich in Americana/Folk from a distant time. In places it feels like a desert hymn being sung by prospectors"

Prefix Magazine - "Highly addictive"

GigSoup - "Sombre but beautiful"

Listen With Monger - "Leicester born soloist Jinnwoo has carved out a bit of a reputation for himself and this single is testament to just why people are giving him so much attention. The sparse, Jose Gonzalez style guitars of ´Solo Man´ lay a haunting backdrop for Jinnwoo´s strained but impassioned vocals to perform in front of. At times sounding like he can´t unclench his teeth to sing. [...] This is particularly dark stuff that comes from the pit of a man´s stomach during the smallest hours of the night and it´s a minor miracle that such emotions and thoughts have been manifested in a form that has any kind of beauty at all. Jinnwoo will be an intense live experience I should imagine but one that you should certainly seek out"

Glass Boutique - "Jinnwoo’s dark and atmospheric sound is hauntingly beautiful"

Brixton Buzz- "People in Leicester will tell you that if Jinnwoo had been born in America instead of the east Midlands, he would have already become a cult figure. Reminiscent of David Eugene Edwards (16 Horsepower), over the past year he has performed with the likes of Willy Mason, Jeffrey Lewis, Kyla La Grange and Lucy Rose"

South London Scene - "An enormously impressive performance from a confident and able artist. ...the air of mystery he generates is so enticing. It takes guts to sing in front of any audience, but to sing unaccompanied, as he did at one point, takes a special kind of chutzpah. ... the live performance with music dark, atmospheric and haunting, vaguely menacing even, and lyrics as mysterious as the music."

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