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Kate Thomas EP Launch

Kate Thomas EP Launch

Edgy and Eclectic Singer-Songwriter Kate Thomas Delivers a Fiery, Passionate, Smoky, Raw Sound on Her Debut EP

Kate Thomas´s debut EP "THE LION´S RAW" will be released on 20 October. Don´t sit back and don´t relax! Be prepared to go on a journey as Kate uses her voice to explore a range of textures and genres. With stripped back production these songs are raw, rustic and sound like they are being performed straight into your ears.

Kate Thomas is an eclectic singer-songwriter based in London with influences from jazz and world music. Kate travelled the world for many years with a backpack and guitar in tow and has performed in multiple genres including folk, gypsy, latin and jazz; all of which you can now hear in Kate´s music.

Kate comes in with a bang on this debut EP, setting off with the upbeat Latin influenced ´Stone Pillow´; a half-rapped and half-sung vocal workout, supported passionately with fiery Spanish guitar from Mexican guitarist Victorino Perez.

The second track is another upbeat number, but this time a gypsy inspired song called ´The Kiss´, named after Rodin´s sculpture. You will be transported to a campfire in the Carpathian Mountains, as gypsy musicians whip you into a frenzy. But be warned, by the end Kate´s vocals will echo out and leave you there.

The third track ‘Senseless’ draws more on Kate´s jazz background, taking you to the streets of New York, in what feels like the soundtrack to a film noir. Featuring some beautiful and sensual muted trumpet by New York jazz artist Mark Morgan, it is easy to imagine a femme fatale slinking through a smoky New York streetscape.

The last track ´Ginger Beer´ conjures up a bittersweet reverie "And in your dreams we´ll meet again". It tells the story of a young man who suddenly passes away, and what he would say to his mother if he could. This is a deeply personal song that Kate wrote for her own mother, to try and bring some peace after the sudden loss of her brother in a tragic accident.

In anticipation of this upcoming EP, PRS for Music supported Kate to attend the ASCAP Expo in LA, through the International Showcase Fund. ´Ginger Beer´ was featured on TV on London Live and back in 2014 Kate was a finalist in the Battle of the Bands competition at The Boisdale. Kate has also played at The Brentwood Festival on the bill with UB40 and was invited to play at the RARE Jazz Festival last summer, on the bill with Saxophonist and BBC radio 2 broadcaster Leo Green.

Until now Kate has been a solo artist, but excitingly for the EP and beyond Kate is now working with jazz and world fusion musicians, so expect this debut to be an eclectic one. "THE LION´S RAW" will be released on 20 October and launched at a well-known jazz venue in central London. For an eclectic artist with a colourful background, what better place to debut than at ´THE SPICE OF LIFE´ because, as the saying goes “variety is, the spice of life”.

Venue: The Spice of Life, Soho, London Address: 6 Moor St, Soho, London W1D 5NA (Downstairs)

Tickets can be purchased in advance for £6 through the link below or £8 on the door


Photo credit: Brown Eyed Girl

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