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´Lunar Cape´ band: Lunar Folk Tales

´Lunar Cape´ band: Lunar Folk Tales

Lunar Folk Tales – instrumental version

In January 2018 the russian music label ArtBeat Music launched the release of the second album by the “Lunar Cape” instrumental band  – “Lunar Folk Tales”. The album will contain three versions – instrumental, Russian-language and English-language. Currently we are introducing its first part – the instrumental.  

What are the “Lunar Folk Tales”? A combination of instrumental music and fairy tales that were invented and told by the band members. Now we are presenting the first release in the series – sound track to fairy-tales. We are intentionally releasing the instrumental version first. At first, “Tales” were created in the same way – music first, and then the stories. And secondly, we are giving you the freedom to create your own tales and compare them with our version. We wonder what will come out.

Now, about the album. We didn’t make use of anything that can make music popular. Starting with songs – there aren’t any. It said that to write a hit you should repeat a refrain a lot of times. We took the exact opposite course – “Nymph Syrinx amidst the stars” doesn’t contain any parts that are exactly the same. We had no lead vocals, we had practically no drummer and there’s no style that we fit 100% either.

However, it’s not about the style. In “Tales” the conception of “Filmusic”, which was claimed as the foundation of the band’s creativity, had progressed. “Filmusic” is diverse and timeless, emotional and image-based, and always illustrative. Really, the album compositions come laden with such musical characters that even we, the eternally taciturn instrumental musicians, began to cast them into words.

Track list
1. History of the Moon

2. Nymph Syrinx amidst the stars

3. Doughball’s travels

4. Old man Сrawley and wood goblin

5. Blacksmith

6. Who brought the berries?

7. Greedy cousin Leprechaun

8. What the peacock is silent about (Oriental)

·         Olga Scotland  – flute, recorders, tin whistle, mandolin, spring drum, sound effects, VSTi

·         Andrey Shashkov – bass guitar, basso recorder, vocals

·         Roman Smirnov – guitars, washboard old school custom, vocals

Guest musicians:

Paul Bulak – keyboards (3) 
Grigory Shelehov – drums (3, 7)
Alexander Koval  – drums (4, 8)
Shahid Rashid – vocals (8)
Arranged by Lunar Cape. Tracks  1, 4, 7, 8 based on the idea of A. Shashkov; track 2 – A. Shashkov, R. Smirnov; track 3, 6 – R. Smirnov, O. Scotland, A. Shashkov; track 4 – with participation of P. Bulak and N. Petrovsky; track 5 – english folk song.

Recorded and mixed by Olga Scotland
Mastered by Spartak Bourangoulov, SiriuSShamanSStudio

Аrts: Arseny Lapin
Photographer: Andrey Sbitnev
Designer: Alexander Medvedev
Executive producer: Nikolay “Bignick” Bogaychuk
Publisher: ArtBeatMusic

We thank the people of the planet Earth for the warm climate and friendly atmosphere!


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´Lunar Cape´ band: Lunar Folk Tales

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