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Noémie Ducimetière

Noémie Ducimetière



This Autumn, London-based folk/rock artist from Romandy (Switzerland) Noémie Ducimetière is bringing to the stage some new companions, and with them sounds to make the soul travel. Armed with an electric oud, a few synthesizers, a cow-skin drum and a lot of blinking effects pedals, the show is a moving symbiosis of harmony, dissonance, electronics and acoustics; placing traditional styles and techniques in the murky, uncharted zones of her imagination. You may be transported to medieval Europe, you may find polyphonic echoes from the Caucasus Mountains, you may hear the secret note from beyond the the Caspian Gates — or you may not. Either way, prepare for a trip, pack your bare essentials, and bring your friends!

As lead singer of riotous band Gentle Mystics, Noémie Ducimetière performed internationally between 2008 - 2015, accompanied by her 8 brothers and an electric church organ. Since 2017 she has composed multiple film scores including a feature film, titled ‘Another News Story’, which has recently been shortlisted for the Griersons Awards and also featured at many esteemed film festivals throughout the past year, the likes of ‘Karlovy Vary’, ‘Lugano’ and ‘IDFA’. But since 2015, Noemie has most primarily been on a writing hiatus, which explains why the summer of 2018 has been such an exciting time for her as she begins to bring new material to the light. While she begins to record her debut album, expect to find her on stages nationwide throughout the coming year.

Genre: Folk / Rock


The Local
- Nick Ellis - (London)

Nick Ellis, Noémie Ducimetière

Wednesday 30th January · 7:30PM · Aces & Eights · Tufnell Park · £8

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