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Preorder Camapign - new album from The Nightjar

Preorder Camapign - new album from The Nightjar

What a first year The Nightjar have had..... The tentative release of their experimental first EP was met with widespread excitement and their low-key debut gig saw the crowds at London´s ´No. 14 Bacon Street´ spilling out of the door. Then came the big guns.... Radio 3´s Late Junction took them up and Boiler Room broadcast their debut single to 60,000 listeners.

Perhaps, thought the band, there is an audience for minimal, ethereal, re-imagined folk songs!

Thrilled by the public enthusiam for their music Pete, Sarah and Mo jacked in their careers and took The Nightjar on the road, touring from one side of Europe to the other. 

All the time however there have been new songs growing within the band and these songs are clammering to be heard.

The process of making albums has changed beyond recognition in recent years. No longer do record companies throw £20000 at a band on the off chance they make an album that sells. How could they when Soptify and the like pay so little for the content they use? Now real musicians have to work independently of labels and create their music themselves. It is harder but it does give them a more direct relationship with their listeners and us the joy of listening to their pure art.

So with all this in mind The Nightjar are currently holed up for three months in a rustic farmhouse deep in the Portuguese countryside. Here, in exchange for helping to restore the old farm, they are allowed unlimited time and concentration to create an album for you. One which will no doubt be of great delicacy and contain immense beauty.  

As with most real musicians these days, funds for the project are a little short....but ever proud, The Nightjar are not looking for charity, they merely ask that you help them by buying their album in advance. I think we all know it will be money well spent!

If you´d like to get involved in the creation of new, independent music please pre-order The Nightjar LP or share their crowdfunder campaign. You´ll be supporting musicians directly and ensuring that our musical landscape is populated by passionate, thoughtful and challenging artists. Which can only be a good thing.

View their campaign here

Explore their website here

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