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Preview: ´Flower´ - Lir Shilton

Preview: ´Flower´ - Lir Shilton


Lir Shilton’s tale of loss is beautifully constructed in her debut single ´Flower´. The LP, released on the 23rd of May on MishMish Records and taken from her debut album ´Nothing But a Ghost´, shows off the singer-songwriters soothing voice, classical guitar fingerpicking style and soft down tempo drumming.


The track has been mixed by John Cornfield of The Verve fame, and unsurprisingly consists of a satisfying simplicity. It is well balanced, taking advantage of the classic combination of vocals, guitar and drums, which play off each other, no part drowning the others. The twangy guitars are almost reminiscent of Springsteen, but her voice belies this soon. Her delicate vocals, with a simple and innocent tone, feel their way through the song.


Mournful and honest. The emotion purer through her vocals than could have been achieved with a voice that rages. Yet this only heightens the sadness of it. The cheerful sound of the guitars and the accepted sorrow in Lir’s tone mix surprisingly well, creating a track that is perfectly honed. It is no wonder she is already receiving praise from the likes of Acoustic Guitar magazine, band A-ha, GoPro and more.


Watch out for Lir Shilton´s ‘Flower’, her upcoming tour, and follow her on social media at:


Official website:http://www.lirshilton.com







Written by Molly Lempriere

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