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Preview: The Harrison All Day Folk Festival

Preview: The Harrison All Day Folk Festival


This Sunday, The Harrison will host its 9th All Day Folk Festival, sporting 10 hours of live Folk Music from London’s finest bands and artists! With free entry all day, The Harrison is the place to be this Sunday!


So, here’s a little run down of who you can catch at The Harrison All Day Folk Festival this weekend.


1.30pm Alastair Caplin & Dominie Hooper:

With his fiddle playing described as “Exquisite, passionate playing” (Scotsman), Alastair Caplin has already made a heavy impact on the UK music scene since his emergence as a professional musician. Appearing on many albums from both the Scottish folk scene and the thriving East London folk scene, Alistair has performed in some of the UK´s most prestigious music venues including The Royal Albert Hall, The Barbican, Shakespeare´s Globe - both with bands and as a solo artist - as well as just about every major UK Music Festival.


2.30pm Katherine Abbott:

Katherine is a young female singer/songwriter appearing on the exciting London music scene and the UK festival circuit. Influenced by artists such as Joni Mitchell and Jeff Buckley; her sound translates as soulful folk acoustica with carefully written lyrics and haunting, melodic vocals. Sometimes accompanied by a band, other times simply vocals and guitar, her music is always aimed to transport the listener to another world where they can dream.


3.30pm Fuzzy Jones:

Fuzzy Jones is an award winning singer-songwriter, based in Leeds UK. She is a singer in the truest sense of the word, crafting powerful songs, lyrics and arrangements that hark back to the sound of the female vocalists from the sixties. She conjures up vivid urban tales of the everyday and her lyrics draw you in around melamine tables, of kitsch faded orange cafes.


4.30pm John Fairhurst:

 John’s music has a distinctly eastern feel, with influences from Sridhar as well from his own travels through Asia. With a bottle-neck style blues referencing the likes of Son House and Bukka White, comparisons to the fingerpicking of John Fahey, a leaning towards the psychedelic 60’s rock of Hendrix and Led Zeppelin and the ever present influence of K. Sridhar and Indian raga, John’s music is a real melting-pot of diverse musical traditions, freely hand picking tunes from the Mississippi to the Ganges.


5.30pm Dana Immanuel & the Stolen Band:

Dana Immanuel is a banjo-toting, whiskey-drinking, poker-playing singer-songwriter currently operating from a north London hideout from which emerges a sound more usually associated with the bayou, triple filtered through bourbon, washboard, and a touch of alt-country eccentricity. With the five-piece, all-girl Stolen Band, Dana has been getting feet stomping aacross the UK folk, blues, Americana and rock scenes. 


6.30pm Vocal-Global:

A musical Journey around the world; From the Caribbean to the Middle-East full with vocals, ethnic beat box, conscious lyrics in Hebrew, English and Creole. In their music they mix influences from both of their origins (the Middle East and French-Caribbean) with other music they love such as African music, Brazilian, Jazz and more... The result is music that crosses borders and cultures and carries a strong message of cultural celebration!


7.30pm The Ninetree Stumblers:

Born a hundred years late and 4000 miles too far East, The Ninetree Stumblers dredge up nuggets of the Old Weird America from the crackly grooves of 78RPM shellac. Three multi-instrumentalists from Bristol, the band trade guitars, banjos, fiddles and more, clambering from song to song through shows that set Moonshine-fuelled hoedowns against sombre Baptist hymns, cockeyed ragtime and sweetheart waltzes.


8.30pm Tantz:

With awesome musical chops, an energy not seen since punk rock´s halcyon days, and ability to turn a gentle world music festival crowd into a heaving, pogoing mosh-pit. There´s something special about this band that manages to touch almost everyone who hears and sees them live, no matter what music they´re into. Tantz have taken the UK world/roots music scene apart.


9.30pm Alice Phelps Band:

Alice Phelps has been gracing the stages of London for the past year with her set up of harp and powerfully husky vocals.  Influenced by folk from near and far, Celtic to Eastern, she experiments with delay, blues motifs, and intricate melodies and rhythms to create a melting pot of contemporary and traditional styles, traversing the territories between psychedelic folk and cosmic jazz.


10.30pm Rum Buffalo:

"PROG SWING HOP" forged from the streets of London, Rum Buffalo fuse authentic old time swing with stomping hip hop rhythms. Frantic and rich melodies, the most regal of renegades, this vaudevillian troop will put on a show you will never forget.


As well as performances all day, there will be Old-time & Bluegrass and Irish sessions on the ground floor.

Situated on Harrison Street, Kings Cross, The Harrison All Day Folk Festival looks set to be a day of fantastic music and atmosphere as always!

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