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Roxanne de Bastion

Roxanne de Bastion

London / Berlin


Roxanne De Bastion is one of our favourite singer-songwriters. There is a real charm about both her performance and her music. Over the time we have known Roxanne, we have come to appreciate how very talented and clever a songwriter she is. Roxanne is also very multi-skilled as she runs her own record label ´Nomad Songs´, as well as being on the board of directors at the Featured Artists Coalition (FAC) which is a not-for-profit organisation set up to protect the rights of featured musical artists particularly in the new digital age. Roxanne also created and organises ´From Me to You´ which hosted an excellent musicians conference in November 2014.

Roxanne was born and raised in Berlin. She came to London to develop her musical career on a one-ticket in 2007 with her trusty black Cort guitar. Since then she has gone on from strength to strength recording and releasing her impressive debut album´ The Real Thing´ in 2013, with The Strokes/Regina Spektor´s producer Gordon Raphael in Berlin.

Roxanne spends a lot of time on trains and public transport so much so that her website blog is entitled ´Tales from the Rails´. In fact her debut album was written about her life experiances and the people she met on her musical journey around the UK and Europe.

Roxanne released her great ´Seeing you´ EP in 2015. Recorded in London and produced by the award-winning Ben Walker. One of our favourites songs ´Rerun´ from the EP has over 10,000 plays on YouTube.

Roxanne is also a huge fan of the Beatles and you can also see their influence as well as other 60´s bands like the Kinks in her song-writing.

Standout number...astonishingly assured” (The Sunday Times)

“A real mover and shaker in the independent music world and a great writer” (Ruth Barnes, Amazing Radio)

“One of the most perfect voices I´ve ever heard” (Tom Whalley, BBC)

“If you ever get a chance to go see her live – definitely do!” (BBC Introducing)

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