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Single Review: A Grave With No Name - ´House´

Single Review: A Grave With No Name - ´House´

After recently announcing his new album, London-based singer/songwriter/musician Alexander Shields, aka, A Grave With No Name has shared a new track, ´House´, from the record. ´Wooden Mask´ is out 12 August via Forged Artifacts.

Enchanting and moving, ´House´ is built from an arrangement of warm melodies and delicate vocals.

Shields describes it thus, “House sings of the brittle frailty of domestic life, enshrined within the natural order." I can’t help but think this depiction may be a little intricate for the listener to apprehend from the song alone.

‘House’ is a deep and soulful, all-encompassing track. There is a continuous thrum of a backbeat throughout the song, akin to a heartbeat. The melancholic melodies are somewhat dejected, and yet there is a comfort to it.

The haunted whispered vocals on this record make it feel like its speaking directly to you. The guitar is expressive yet so simple  – it’s quite unique.

It’s hard to place this song into any particular niche or influence – no doubt the intention – yet I can’t help but think of a very raw and more crestfallen Belle and Sebastian when I listen to this track, and this is by no means a bad thing. The track channels an unpolished forlorn Band of Horses sound too.

A Grave with No Name has focused on loss in much of his previous material, yet it’s clear with ‘House’ that there has been a transcendent change. Shields has said this album tells the story of renewal, and ‘House’ seems to embrace the new vibe perfectly.

An accomplished piece and an interesting listen. Check out ‘House ‘ below



A Grave With No Name is set to play a London show on August 18th at Servant Jazz Quarters.


Written by Shameem Elizabeth Allen-Barrington   

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