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Let´s have another Gan Ainm

Let´s have another Gan Ainm


New Release Celebrates a Family Tradition of Celtic Music.

“this is a phenomenal album and deserves as much attention as it can get”
Celtic Trad Radio

In the summer of 2017, three generations of the Ó Conaill family made the journey back to the original family home in Roscommon, Ireland. The large house, now quiet and underutilised, still resonated with memories of the time when music and dance were a way of life. After Dónal Ó Conaill, the head of the family, passed in the winter of 2003, it felt like the end of an era, a time of fragmentation and dispersion.

In the following years, as the family expanded, they were drawn to other parts of Ireland and the UK, leaving just Caitlín to manage the house, and with it the fading memories of her father and the rich musical heritage he represented.

The album, "Let´s have another Gan Ainm", is the result of a long term desire close to Caitliín´s heart: to reunite the family, to celebrate the music and culture that her father had inspired and instilled in his daughters. A legacy passed down through the generations, and still very much alive today in the youngest, wherever they find themselves in the world.

“a fine collection of beautifully-played tunes”

1 Gan Ainm, Gan Ainm, Gan Ainm
2 The Drunken Landlady, Gan Ainm, Gan Ainm
3 Gan Ainm, Gan Ainm, Gan Ainm
4 The Battle of Aughrim, Gan Ainm, Lord Mayo
5 Gan Ainm, Gan Ainm, Tom Billy´s
6 The Girls of Banbridge, Gallowglass, Gan Ainm
7 The Blackbird, Gan Ainm, Mrs Galvin´s
8 Gan Ainm
9 Gan Ainm, Bunch of Green Rushes, Gan Ainm
10 Gan Ainm, Gan Ainm, Anthony Frowley´s
11 Gan Ainm, Toss the Feathers II, Gan Ainm

“absolutely brilliant pure-drop”
Brian Donovan (WGBH)


Availabe on iTunes 1st September 2018

Listen on Soundcloud here

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