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“A resounding success“ - Fatea Magazine Reviews Our Sonic Blooms Album

“A resounding success“ - Fatea Magazine Reviews Our Sonic Blooms Album

Great reviews are coming in for Folk & Honey´s Sonic Blooms album

In the interestest of helping great music, Folk and Honey has created a not for profit, 20 track compilation album to explore the emerging tallent from the Alt-Folk corner of the musical world. This is what the press think :-)

The highly respected Fatea Magazine say..."Not content with being one of the leading gig listing websites in the UK, Folk & Honey have released a double CD album of some of the finest emerging talents in the alt-folk and new roots music scene. Its aim is to shine a light on some of those artists and bands that are slowly building an audience based on little more than word of mouth. A lot of the artists share deep links, they have played on each other´s songs, shared producers and studios. As such they feel almost part of their own movement, urban-folk as much as alt-folk, and Sonic Blooms provides a great snapshot of this emerging scene." Read the full review here Fatea Review of Sonic Blooms

Mojo Magazine “...the underground alt-folk presented here is very much of the city… the diversity within the 20 tracks over these two discs would have had their 60s and 70s forebears’ heads spinning” 4 STARS Read the full review 

Americana UK "Sonic Blooms is a particularly interesting offering that hits the target far more frequently than it misses…..the record doubtlessly succeeds as a means to garner interest for artists that deserve to be heard”. Read the full review here

Music Republic Magazine "No fillers here on either disc. A gorgeous showcase for some shining talents who will go on to achieve success in their chosen fields.” Outstanding 5 STARS Review by Simon Redley! Read the full review here

The Observer/Guardian say "This compilation of a score of up-and-coming Brit acts has plenty to commend it, but its adopted “alt-folk” tagline proves fanciful. Most tracks are by gentle singer-songwriters of conventional hue, while the wilder reaches of wyrd folk - encounters with shape-shifters on stormy moors – are almost entirely absent. There are some forceful characters on display nonetheless. Brooke Sharkey offers airy, Anglo-French chamber folk. Ferris and Sylvester combine dreamy pop with spiky sentiments on Save Yourself (alt Simon and Garfunkel perhaps) and seven-piece Mishaped Pearls bring a cinematic sweep to Six Dukes. A rewarding sampler of a vibrant live scene, and not-for-profit with it." Neil Spencer in The Observer. Read the full review here.

Order your CD copy of Sonic Blooms online here or download it from iTunes etc.

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