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Second Time Around Folk Club

Second Time Around Folk Club


The club was started in October 1993 by John Chambers and his long time friend Reg Cooper. They had run several clubs in the past either together or in Reg’s case with others but primarily himself at Mansfield and the cellar bar of the old Milton’s Head in Nottingham...

After several years´ break from running clubs they felt refreshed enough to start again and found a good venue at the White Lion, Middle Street, Beeston. Reg was always good at thinking of names and suggested that as it was their ‘Second Time Around’ that that would be a good name. In the event, since there had been a successful club in Beeston in the past run by Dave McGeever, it was perhaps an even more appropriate name!

Both John and Reg felt that a weekly meet was too demanding but monthly meetings would be too infrequent so the policy of meeting on alternate Fridays was adopted. From the outset the proven successful formula of Singers´ and Performers´ Nights mixed with regular guest nights was established. Early guests were their friends David Miles an excellent banjo player and Brian Golbey a first rate musician and singer. Regular floor singers and players were Gail Maxfield, Roger Strange and Dave Bryce, Ian Buxton, Pete Siddall and John Chapman to mention but a few. Carolyn Pritchett, a lovely singer and performer joined later and came along regularly until her death in 2017.

Right from the start special feature nights were included: a Burns Night Celebration in January, St Patrick’s Night Celebration in March, St George’s Night Celebration in April and an American Independence Night Celebration in July. This was done both to create an enjoyable and celebratory atmosphere and also to reflect the fact that all types of folk music were welcome with no bias towards any particular origin or culture. This philosophy prevails to this day and it´s nice to see that Burns and St George’s nights in particular are now gaining more general popularity each year.

The club has had to change venue several times, always within the immediate area of its formation and venues have included The Beech Tree as it was (later The Cow in Beeston) The Commercial Inn, The Star and its now current and preferred venue The White Lion Inn.

We welcome all performers whether instrumentalists, singers or others within the folk genre and keep to an acoustic approach which we believe engenders a more intimate and friendly atmosphere.

As Reg got older he withdrew from his involvement and sadly died in 2009 at the age of 83. His memory lasts on and we now enjoy very welcome help and support from many performers but particularly in the running of affairs from Dave McGowan and his partner Bev, Helen Jarvis, Joe Sanderson and Fiona (Fee) Banks.

Another much valued supporter and performer over the years is Steve Plowright, who is an active and very much appreciated member of the club. Local poet and singer Chris Antcliff joins and contributes regularly and newer, very welcome performers are Colin Tucker, Phil Harrison and ‘The Jammy Codgers’. In 2015 we added a regular colour newsletter, emailed out monthly, and a Facebook page which has well many followers! The website and ´social media´ are now managed very ably by Colin.

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