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Skinner & T´witch´s 16th Pick n´ Mix at The Grove Inn, Leeds, with Paula Ryan, Cobalt Tales, and Fishing For Compliments

Skinner & T´witch´s 16th Pick n´ Mix showcase - a little of what you fancy does you good! Saturday, April 20th 2019, from 7.45pm (Doors open 7.15pm) at The Grove Inn, Back Row, Leeds LS11 5PL With...Paula Ryan, Cobalt Tales, Fishing For Compliments, and Skinner & T´witch! Entry by donation (pay as you feel) - suggested donation £5.

Skinner & T´witch´s Pick n´ Mix showcases some of the best of the emerging talent from in and around Leeds (& Skinner & T´witch!).

NB: There will be no Pick n´ Mix in January 2019, as Skinner & T´witch will be on their honeymoon!

Paula Ryan - Singer-Songwriter & Gaelic “Funkstress!” Paula is a compelling SINGER-SONGWRITER, born and bred in Tipperary, Ireland, whose POWERFUL, insightful songs are inspired by the LYRICISM and musical PASSION of her Irish Gaelic ROOTS & driven by the FUNKY rhythmic influences and “WACKY” instruments of music from other cultures.

To accompany her songs, Paula plays Marimba/Tongue Drum, Guitar and a variety of percussion instruments including Bodhran, Djembe and Darabuka.


Cobalt Tales: Cobalt Tales, music from the heart that stirs the soul.

Pat and Nuala, based in the Scottish Highlands and Sheffield, deliver soulful vocals with engaging harmonies and melodic bass.


Fishing For Compliments - Fishing For Compliments offer a unique indie/folk/pop vibe, with songs that come straight from the heart. Their performances are full of light and shade, and their songs have been described by audience members as ´enigmatic´, ´Intriguing´, ´sunny´, and ´making you feel like dancing in the moonlight´:


With...Skinner & T´witch - Skinner & T´witch are an original, contemporary folk acoustic duo performing folk, flamenco, and theatre style songs.

´Steve (Skinner) ought to rate himself as one of the best songwriters, because he´s really outstanding´. Doug Welch, KentFolk, BBC Radio Kent

´T´witch has a hell of a voice, and she knows how to use it´. Liz Franklin, The Folk Garden, Blues and Roots Radio/Eden Folk, Eden FM

‘The one and only Skinner & T´witch...a pair of comic geniuses´. David Chamberlain, Acoustic Routes, Dapper FM/Blues and Roots Radio

‘Skinner & T’witch have been described as “a pair of comic geniuses” and I would not disagree - they are unique: there is nobody to compare them with’. Tom Brown, The Living Tradition

´The most original duo I have ever heard.´ Tony Haynes, FAB Folk & Blues, Vale Radio

´If you get the chance to see them anywhere, please do yourself a favour, grab it with both hands´. Marianne Doig, Leith Folk Club

´Definitely a melodical phenomenon´. Mark Holdsworth, The Narrowboat Sessions


Future Pick n´ Mix dates:

*July 20th - Vincent Cross (all the way from New York City!) + Multi-Genre Open Mic

*October 5th - WSO Acoustic Roots Solidarity Festival (venue tbc)

*January 25th 2020 - The Jon Palmer Acoustic Band + Multi-Genre Open Mic

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