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Double Single and Camp Fire Club Debut for Lewis Barfoot

Double Single and Camp Fire Club Debut for Lewis Barfoot

 On the 15th September Lewis Barfoot, releases the first songs from her eagerly anticipated début album "Folkalism", which she is co-producing with the respected music and video producer Alex Forster.

The release is a double single featuring the compositions “Wise Owl” and “Little Bird”.

To mark the occasion, Lewis will be performing her first concert for Sam Lee´s Nest Collective Camp Fire Club in Woodberry Wetlands, N4. She will be supporting the London guitarist and singer Piers Faccini, who now has an impressive 6 critically acclaimed albums under his belt. More details on this concert can be found here

Wise Owl is a deeply personal work born from the passing of Lewis´ beloved mother and the subsequent disintegration of her normal life into the dark realm of grief.

The track begins with a dream like tinkle of bells before quickly opening into her delicately pacing, picked guitar. Lewis´ vocal comes in strong and clear but bares that weariness one carries after a long sadness.

The haunting clarinet of Matt Dibble soon joins, dancing a counter line around the vocal. At the refrain the clarinet seamlessly gives way to the cello of Maria Rodriguez, allowing the clarinet to join the guitar marking the rhythm.

The clarinet, cello and vocal soar around each other throughout the track, passing through various tempos, weaving an exquisite texture over the guitar, all helped by very subtle atmospheric electronic elements from the producer.

The lyrics talk of Lewis´ relationship with her Wise Owl and how this is now intertwined with grief.

It is an evocative song, well arranged and placed within a delicate but solidly crafted recording.

“Little Bird” feels decepitvely lightweight by comparison. This pretty 2 minute ditty which (at least superficially) is about the birds, falls somewhere between a nursery rhythm and a musical theatre number. Performed on voice, cello and clarinet, with the assistance of the birds of Brockley Cemetery, it is an enjoyable diversion.

There is however a much darker side to this song......It was commissioned for a theatre piece called " Hidden Birds" examining themes around torture. The show went on to win two theatre festival awards at Les Europtopiques In Lille, France. Listen again...

The video for Wise Owl, also release on 15th September, is a twilight dream scape, beautifully crafted by the Korean Artist Narae Kim

The video opens with an enchanting (almost) animation image of a woman (Lewis) looking in a mirror. It has the feel of a deliciously dark and strange Eastern European animation which draws you in to what promises to be a fascinating plot. The video however soon reveals there is no clear story, just a series of barely connected dream like images which, initially you struggle to make sense of, before letting go and allowing them wash over you. In this, the feeling it evokes has much in common with the twilight world of grief. 

Lewis Barfoot, who is of English and Irish decent, has made a career as an actor and theatre maker but recently has concentrated on music, building a solid reputation as a folk singer/songwriter. She plays keyboards, finger picked guitar, shruti and vocal loops. She is best known for the ethereal poise of her crystal singing voice.

Recently her work has been championed by BBC2 Radio´s Johnny Coppin.

“Delicious music: a massage of the heart, a whisper to the soul” Irish Radio International

“Lewis works with an uncomplicated loveliness of sound” Misfit City


Lewis Barfoot´s first 5 track EP “Catch Me” was released in January 2016 and is available from her website.

“Wise Owl” / ”Little Bird” will be available from 15th September.

LEWIS BARFOOT WEBSITE http://www.lewisbarfoot.com

Tickets for her Nest Collective Concert on 15th September are available here.

A sneak preview of the video for “Wise Owl” can be seen here WISE OWL TRAILER



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