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Single Review: The Drifting Classroom - ´Doo What´

Single Review: The Drifting Classroom - ´Doo What´


The Drifting Classroom have my full attention with their new single ‘Doo What’ taken from their debut album ‘Oubliette’ – out now.


Raised from the ashes of the ever-popular Peter and the Wolf, this band is one to watch. The Drifting Classroom are signed with Manchester’s Skinny Dog Records –the label founded by non-other than Elbows Guy Garvey and Pete Jobson of I Am Kloot fame. This is a credit to their talent in itself. Who would argue with the ears of Guy Garvey?  l know I wouldn’t.


‘Doo What’ is a cheerful tune with swooning harmonies and a beautiful melody. The lyrics tell the story of an expiring relationship, a theme for the entire album, yet they have juxtaposed what could be a sad story with a sunny tempo. I can’t help but smile when I listen to it.


It has an underlying 60s vibe and I can hear a definite early Beatles influence, that’s not to say that the inspiration detract from this bands originality. This track is fresh new sound. 


Marc Sunderland’s vocals are strong and expressive with a superb acoustic accompaniment – it’s a harmonious match for sure.


I look forward to hearing more from this album. The Drifting Classroom have brought back a style of music that has been missing for some years now. A folky, indie sound with real depth. ‘Doo What’ is an excellent leading track. I’m sure I will be humming this song for the rest of the day.


Check it out here.






 Marc Sunderland - Guitar & Vocals

Richard Jones - Keys

Allan Falcon - Drums & Percussion

Max Barker - Bass

Simon Morgan - Guitar


Written by Shameem Allen-Barrington

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